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At, our process is designed to be transparent, efficient, and above all, effective in combating online threats. Here’s an insight into how we operate to keep you safe.

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How it works

From reporting to removal


Identifying Threats

Continuous Monitoring: Our systems never sleep. We use cutting-edge technology to monitor the web 24/7, identifying potential threats as they emerge.

Community Reports: The heart of our operation is the community. When you report a phishing attempt or scam, you help us pinpoint new threats faster.


Analysis and Verification

Expert Review: Every report is scrutinized by our team of cybersecurity experts, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in understanding the threat.

Validation Process: We employ rigorous verification techniques to confirm the malicious nature of the reported content, protecting you from false alarms.


Coordinated Response

Rapid Reaction: Once a threat is confirmed, we act swiftly to mitigate its impact, using a coordinated approach that involves various stakeholders.

Collaboration with Providers: We work closely with internet service providers, hosting services, and legal entities to take down harmful content from the web.


Prevention and Education

Empowering Users: We believe prevention is better than cure. provides ongoing education to empower users with the knowledge to protect themselves.

Resource Development: Continuously developing comprehensive guides, articles, and tools is part of our commitment to cybersecurity education for all.


Continuous Improvement

Feedback Loop: We constantly refine our process based on feedback from users, technological advancements, and the evolving nature of cyber threats.

Technological Innovation: Staying ahead of cybercriminals means continually updating our tactics and tools to counter new methods of scams and phishing.

Join us, be a warrior.

You are a warrior either way - if you report or you help us mitigate the threat

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