Be the warrior, save others from being victims of cyber scams.

We will take care of the rest. Free of Cost. Learn How?

What is

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Stop Phishing, Stop Scams.

Why PhishX?

We know what it’s like to get scammed and not know what to do.

We want to help everyone fight this.

Our vision is a cyber-secure future where everyone can navigate the digital space without fear of phishing and scams.

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What happens when you hit Report?

You report, we remove. 

If you have been victim to any kind of cyber scam, fraud or phishing – all you need to do is report.

When you press “Report” on PhishX, you ignite a swift and thorough review process by our team of cybersecurity experts. We immediately set to work, analyzing the threat and coordinating with online gatekeepers to help neutralize the danger and protect others from harm.


Immediate Action

Responds promptly to your report.


Takedown Process

Removes malicious content or actors


Future Protection

Advises on future protection.

Join us, be a warrior.

You are a warrior either way - if you report phishing activities or you help us mitigate the threat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers
What is is a non-profit online phishing report platform dedicated to helping individuals and organizations combat cybercrimes such as phishing and scams. Our services are entirely free for victims and non-profit entities seeking support and resources to address online threats.

How does help in fighting phishing and scams?

Our platform offers tools and resources to identify, report, and assist in the removal of phishing attacks and scams. We provide educational materials to increase awareness and prevention strategies, alongside direct support for those who have been targeted by online threats.

Is really free?

Yes, is a non-profit initiative, and all our services are free of charge for individuals who have fallen victim to online phishing or scams, as well as for non-profit organizations that require our assistance.

How can I report a phishing attempt or scam through

You can report phishing attempts or scams by using our secure online reporting tool. Simply fill out the report form with details of the incident, and our team will take it from there.

What should I do if I've been a victim of a phishing attack or scam?

If you’ve been targeted, report the incident to us immediately. We’ll guide you through the steps to secure your information and will work with you to mitigate the damage done. Additionally, we can assist with the process of alerting the appropriate authorities.

Can remove phishing content from the internet?

While we cannot directly remove content from the internet, we collaborate with hosting providers, web services, and legal authorities to take down harmful content and pursue the perpetrators.

How can I learn more about protecting myself from phishing and scams? provides a wealth of educational resources including articles, guides, and best practices to help you understand and protect against online threats. Visit our Learning Center for more information.

Can organizations partner with

Absolutely. We welcome partnerships with organizations that are aligned with our mission. Partners can help us expand our reach, contribute resources, or collaborate on projects. Contact us to discuss partnership opportunities.

How can I support

Support can come in many forms: from spreading the word about our platform to volunteering time and expertise. Every bit of support helps us continue our mission. Visit our “Contact” page for more information on how to contribute.

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